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Our country waterborne polyurethane adhe
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According to the experts predict, China synthetic adhesive demand market is broad, waterborne polyurethane adhesive is more with its superior performance and environmental protection and energy conservation to conquer the market.

Our focus on the development of synthetic adhesives water-based products are mainly the following: one is waterborne polyurethane adhesive agent, the polyurethane adhesive has a good adhesive properties, widely used in footwear, construction, automotive, food packaging and other industries, waterborne polyurethane adhesive and solvent free polyurethane adhesive is a kind of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, in recent years in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries has been widely used, in our country had not yet developed, the experts suggested that the increase of aqueous polyurethane adhesive research and development at the same time, the active introduction of production technology and processes, the construction of 5000 tons / year production device, used for the production of aqueous polyurethane adhesive for shoes and carpentry; two water soluble chloroprene rubber adhesive glue, water-based chloroprene rubber is a kind of extensive use of environmentally friendly adhesives, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries in recent years, the development speed is very quick, and has been in the construction, furniture, shoe-making industry applications, while in our country has not developed, water-based polychloroprene adhesive is our country " eleven five " during the research and development of the main products; three is the VAE VAE emulsion, emulsion is water-based adhesive in a very fine plastic one, in 2004 China's VA E emulsion production was 100000 tons, far can not meet the needs of national economic development, such as in " eleven five" period to build 1 sets of production capacity of 100000 tons / year VAE emulsion production apparatus, it can basically meet the needs of the domestic market.

At the same time, accelerated adhesive industry required raw materials and related auxiliaries of the localization process, more and more appear pressing. Experts say, adhesive products more and more applications in electronics, machinery and defense and other important areas, the current domestic technology of high performance engineering adhesives and sealants are mostly imported or joint venture products ( only ), our self-developed products use raw materials still rely on an entrance, the long-term dependence on imported raw materials limited the independent development of high performance adhesive products situation must be resolved as soon as possible. In addition, but also pay attention to the development of the sustainable development of industry codes and standards, with the world economy in recent years, the trade to the Asian countries ( environmental protection ), product of industry of our country adhesive coating, should sum up daily cosmetics and other industries in recent years exports limited experience, reference to Asian countries such as Japan, the United States and the European Community in recent years the adhesive formulation products on the relevant provisions of environmental protection and so on, soon organize experts to study and formulate corresponding measures and regulations. First, conditions in the region and promote the use of export products, and then expand to the whole country. China Adhesives Industry detours and healthy development, to become low input, high output, low consumption, less pollution, recycling, sunrise industry for sustainable development.

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